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The FYidoctors Difference

FYidoctors was founded by some of Canada's most reputable and respected optometrists. We started with the simple idea that patients should come before products, and that eye care should be our primary focus. Today, we're continuing that tradition, offering our patients complete eye care solutions.


Our Vision for Eye Care

At FYidoctors, we aren't a faceless corporation trying to move as much merchandise as we can. We're owned and operated by Doctors of Optometry who have dedicated our lives to treating illness and disease, and ensuring our patients receive quality care.

A Culture of Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at FYidoctors. That's because we're a company that's run by some of Canada's most respected optometrists. By working together we're able to provide our patients with the best possible eye care experience, including:

  • Current lens technology and manufacturing
  • Investments in the latest diagnostic instruments
  • Consultation from over 450 Doctors of Optometry
  • Relationships with suppliers for affordable pricing 

Doctors Defining Optometry

At FYidoctors we believe that it should be eye doctors, not multinational corporations, who define patient care. That belief has taken us from a small handful of optometrists with a shared dream, to the world's largest eye care provider, with over 450 optometrists serving over 260 locations across the country. 

Our doctors are respected leaders among numerous provincial and national optometric associations and medical institutions, bringing their experience, knowledge and commitment to FYidoctors. If you're an eye doctor practicing in Canada, we encourage you to contact us and find out how you can grow with FYidoctors.

doctors defining optometry

Putting Patients First 

At FYidoctors, one of the biggest changes we've embraced is the ability to manufacture our own Internal Freeform lenses. This allows us to meet the industry's high standards for quality and put our patients first and foremost when it comes to eye care.

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