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Better Sight. Better Grades. this National Philanthropy Day

Posted on December 1st, 2016

At FYidoctors, we know seeing equals learning. With statistics declaring that one quarter of Canadian school aged children suffer from vision problems, working toward ensuring they can see clearly is an obvious choice for our philanthropic efforts throughout the year.

National Philanthropy Day is an annual day recognizing the accomplishments that giving, volunteering, and charitable engagement make to our society and our world. To celebrate this year, FYidoctors is taking a moment to look back on the progress of its Better Sight. Better Grades. program over the past few years.

The program, which began in February 2014, has so far provided a total of 449 comprehensive eye exams and dispensed $136,585 in eyewear to children in need. Last year, 226 exams were given and more than $70,000 in eyewear was dispensed. The program has helped more than 120 students this year and 2016 isn’t over yet!

Better Sight. Better Grades. was launched originally to combat the fact that according to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, more than 25% of school aged children have vision problems—and more often than not, these problems go undiagnosed. Undetected vision problems can ultimately lead to difficulties learning in school and can be troublesome in other areas of their lives. By properly testing a child’s eyesight with an optometrist, vision problems can be addressed before classroom comprehension is affected.

FYidoctors optometrists and staff work with schools in their communities to help identify potentially underprivileged students who may be experiencing vision problems and may need corrective glasses.

As one of Canada's largest independent eye care companies, FYidoctors can conduct detailed pre-testing as well as a comprehensive eye exam using the most current lens technology and custom fittings with electronic measurement devices. A complimentary pair of eyeglasses from a wide selection of designer and exclusive-label frames are provided to each student. The best part is there is no cost or obligation to the student, their parents, or the school.

The link between eyesight and education

  • Fact: Over 80% of all learning during a child’s first 12 years is visual.
  • Fact: 61% of parents mistakenly believe they would know if their child had vision problems.
  • Fact: Only 14% of children under 6 years of age receive professional eye care.
  • Fact: Nearly 25% of school-age children have vision problems.


FYidoctors fosters a collaborative culture of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to helping patients see to their full potential. They are doctors of optometry who genuinely care about the health of our communities and the education of children, and are aware that many students’ vision problems can often go undetected. That’s why they are committed to helping Canadian students see and learn better. It’s that simple. For any additional questions about the Better Sight. Better Grades. program, please feel free to email: