Canadian Wildfires & Clinic Closures

Canadian wildfires are continuing to blaze across the regions of our Country.

Despite these circumstances, our FYidoctors clinics are standing by to support. At this time, we ask that anyone who is affected by the wildfires and needs eye care, glasses, or contacts please visit the nearest open FYidoctors clinic.

If you have been evacuated due to wildfire risk – we’re here for you If you need any eye care services, reach out.

We've got you covered if you’ve lost glasses during the fires/evacuation.

We should make a note to CALL our clinics FIRST so we can schedule time appropriately.

Please note which clinics remain open and which are closed currently:

Last updated as of May 11, 2023

Name Address Status
FYidoctors - Nuvue 112-1950 Harvey Avenue Kelowna, British Columbia Canada, V1Y 8J8 Closed