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Not all lenses are created equal

At FYidoctors, quality means everything to us. Great lenses literally allow us to see the world better, and to better solve vision problems. The craftmanship in a pair of lenses affects clarity, field-of-vision and distortion. That's why we are obsessed with lens quality, and are determined to find the best lens for each person and for each problem, at every price point.

Single Vision

Group of young adults hiking off road. The squad leader got his single vision lenses on and wearing a smile,

Whether you're near-sighted or far-sighted we have high quality lenses to help.


A senior is putting on progressive lenses and standing on the tennis court with a racket in his hand.

See clearly at every distance with our revolutionary technology.


A lady sitting in front of a laptop with specialty lenses on to prevent eye defects

Screen-time straining your eyes? We have a variety of lenses specially designed to help.

A woman with well coated glasses sitting in front of a computer


Get the most out of your lenses with performance tested coatings and treatments. Meet every challenge head on.

- Scratch resistant
- Dirt-repelling
- Anti-glare
- Anti-fog
- Low reflective
- Water resistant
- UV filtered
- Blue light filtered

The photo of a laboratory worker trying to open a door in the lab. where lenses are manufactured

Made in Canada

When we set out to provide the highest level of eye care to Canadians, we knew that excellent lenses were crucial. So we built our own lab, right here in Canada. Our lab in Delta, BC uses the latest technology and techniques pushing the art and science of lens-making forward.  The end result is our patients get access to exceptional, Canadian-made lenses at a great price.