Better Sights Better Grades

Helping kids see & succeed

According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, more than 25% of school age children have vision problems. Studies show a direct correlation between bad vision and poor performance in class, and in other areas of a child’s life. At FYidoctors | Visique, we’re committed to helping young people reach their fullest potential. Through the Better Sight. Better Grades. program founded in 2014, our optometrists and staff work with local schools and children-oriented organizations in communities across the country (Girl Guides Canada, sports associations, summer camps, etc.) to identify children 13 years or younger, who may be having vision problems. Many of these children could need corrective lenses, but their families may not have the means to afford them. It is our belief that a child’s unobstructed sight is an inherent human right, regardless of their family’s financial ability to afford glasses. As a result, we feel that it is our responsibility to address, examine, and potentially treat our youth’s eyesight by providing timely eye exams. By intervening with preventative and proactive rather than reactive measures, we can ensure that the child avoids invasive procedures down the road.

Once these children have been identified, we conduct detailed pre-testing and a comprehensive eye exam* using the most modern lens technology and electronic measurement devices, to create custom fittings for these young patients. We then provide a complimentary pair of eyeglasses from our wide selection of designer and exclusive-label frames** — free, with absolutely no strings attached.

We know that eyesight problems in children often go undetected sometimes for years, and this is our chance to make a difference, one child at a time. Even though parents are advised to look out for certain warning signs or indications that their child is struggling to see, some youngsters display atypical symptoms, which are difficult to notice. If gone unnoticed, vision issues can continue to prevent children from leading comfortable lives. We know that we can make an incredible impact by equipping kids with proper vision.

We proudly donate $5 from every pair of kids’ glasses purchased at our FYidoctors and Visique clinics throughout the year to Better Sight. Better Grades. so kids in need can experience clear vision.

For more information on the Better Sight. Better Grades. program, please contact your nearest FYidoctors or Visique clinic.

* Eye exams are part of provincial health care coverage for children under 20 years of age in ONT, under 19 years in BC, AB and MB, under 18 years in SK and under 10 years in NS. FYidoctors | Visique will cover the cost of the eye exam (for this program only) for children 13 and under in provinces that do not offer coverage and for children between the ages of 10-13 in NS.

** Each complimentary pair of glasses includes an FYidoctors | Visique private or exclusive label frame and Value Plus lenses. See in store for details. Non-prescription sunglasses and contact lenses do not apply. Offer only valid with eye exam. Complimentary eyewear is non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash.