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Could This High Fashion Eyewear Become Your Everyday Style?

Posted on July 14th, 2018

The world of fashion encompasses ball gowns to watches and everything in between. Eyewear, including frames, lenses, and sunglasses, are out in full force at the fashion shows taking place in New York this week. Our favourite three styles dominating the runway are strikingly angular frames, tinted lenses, and the futuristic look.

High fashion is exaggerated for a reason—it’s all about standing out in a crowd or making a statement with your appearance. Once the haute couture hits the streets it’s often toned down for a trendy but not over-the-top approach you can wear anywhere. For our favourite fads, we’ve given you our picks from the FYidoctors online shop.

Coloured Lenses & Frames

Fashion Week is turning up the volume on colour! Tinted lenses, often with matching frames, are all the rage on the catwalk. Melding plastic or acetate frames with lenses creates a seamless visage that pops. Wire frames are embellished with tinted lenses that add style without concealing the eyes. These sunglasses could be appropriate for an overcast day as they provide a bit of shade without creating strain to see. Remember, however, that even on overcast days the UV rays break through the clouds. For better protection, choose polarized lenses to block the harmful UV rays.

Tinted lens sunglasses - image Tinted lens sunglasses - image

From the FYidoctors Online Shop

Tap into the tinted look with Rowena by Pep Jeans. These offer that stylish look with black frames for a more understated look.

Pepe Jeans sunglasses - image

Angular Sunglasses

The most striking look emerging in high fashion is the angular shape. With these glasses, the width is exaggerated while the height of the frames is often quite narrow. Designers are playing with trapezoidal shapes and funky colours, resulting in an attention-grabbing accessory. If you’re interested in adding these unique shades to your attire, consider our FYidoctors suggestion.

Angular sunglasses - image Angular sunglasses - image

From the FYidoctors Online Shop

These Calvin Klein sunnies have that angular edge without overdoing it.

Calvin Klein sunglasses - image

Futuristic Shades

This brave style is pushing the boundaries of conventional sunglasses. Playing on how we envision the future, these glasses take on a digital appearance with wrap-arounds, highly reflective lenses, or boxy frames. The overall aesthetic is often robotic or emulates the developing high-tech look.

Futuristic sunglasses - image Futuristic sunglasses - image

From the FYidoctors Online Shop

The ultra-reflective square lenses are a nod to the future while maintaining lower profile.

Converse sunglasses - image

Your Sunglasses & You

High-end fashion often stops at the end of the runway but inspires the clothing and accessories we find in stores for years to come. From our top three styles on the runway today, which would you wear? Share your haute-couture glasses with #FYiCares on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Change up your sunglasses style, start shopping at FYidoctors’ online, or find a location to start trying on a few pairs.

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