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How Your Glasses Affects the First Impression

Created: Feb-21-2019

It takes only a tenth of a second to make a first impression on someone.

The way we perceive faces creates significant reactions from our brains. Our brains work in overdrive, making conclusions based on tiny elements of behaviour, facial symmetry, hair, makeup, and even clothing. This instantaneous judgement is a process that indicates whether or not an attraction is present. With so many factors—called “thin slices” of judgement in the psychology world—influencing a first impression, it is no wonder that eyewear can make a big impact on your appearance and how you are perceived.

How we perceive others wearing different types of glasses

Studies on the perception of wearing glasses have brought forth interesting findings:

How we perceive ourselves wearing different types of glasses

Jason Kirk, founder of London, UK, eyewear brand Kirk & Kirk, interpret this research from a different perspective.

“It’s not just a matter of how glasses shape a perception of you. It’s about how wearing glasses shapes your own psychology. People now even wear glasses as a kind of power play, as an expression of confidence, for example, or to boost their confidence,” he told Raconteur magazine.

“At one point not that long ago, it was hard to get people in the public eye to wear glasses at all. It was perceived as a sign of frailty. But it’s remarkable the number of people who now just see non-prescription glasses as another accessory, as a means of manipulating their image, regardless of any medical need.”

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