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Follow These Tips to Keep Your New Specs In Good Condition

Posted on April 9th, 2015

Like any other piece of delicate equipment, your glasses need specific cleaning products and tools to avoid damage. Luckily, you can become a pro at caring for your eyewear by following a few easy rules and guidelines.

Always Use a Hard, Protective Case When Your Glasses Aren’t in Use

The quickest way to break your brand new eyewear is by placing glasses in your purse, in your pocket, or on an uneven surface. When you buy a new pair of glasses, talk to the eyewear specialist about choosing the right case for the best protection. Always find a case with a hard outer shell that doesn’t squish or bend your frames, and make it a rule to store your glasses in your case whenever they’re not in use.

Use Handsoap, Dishwashing Detergent, or Special Eyeglasses Cleaner

Avoid using harsh cleaning products, as they often contain chemicals that can permanently damage your lenses or take off the paint on your frames. Instead, use mild soaps or glasses cleaner purchased from your optometrist or local drug store to wash your lenses.

Dry with a Soft, Clean, Cotton or Microfiber Cloth

Paper products and rough fabrics can make tiny scratches across your lenses, which will affect how clearly you can see. For the best smudge-free cleaning, buy a small microfiber cloth made specifically for lenses. If you don’t have one available, you can use soft cotton fabrics. Never wipe your lenses when they’re dry, as it can damage the surface.

If you just got your first prescription for eyewear from your optometrist, follow these rules to keep your glasses looking new and working great. FYidoctors has a huge inventory of unique, fashionable frames from many of your favorite designers. Find out more about our frames and lenses by visiting us on the web.