Eye Glasses Lens Types

Because we insist on the best, our lenses are manufactured using HOYA designs and processes. HOYA is the industry leader in optical lens technology and design, ensuring you get the ideal lens for your vision.


Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses are prescribed if you have trouble seeing objects at one distance — either up close or far away.
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Progressive Lenses

If you have trouble seeing both near and far distances, progressive lenses offer the ideal solution. Progressives from FYidoctors, including revolutionary DUO-FORMTM lenses that gradually adjust to varying distances without visible lines on the lens, resulting in a seamless vision experience that lets you near and far.
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Specialty Lenses

Spending a large part of your day on a computer or digital device can strain your eyes and lead to serious long-term vision problems. FYidoctors offers specialty lenses that can reduce eye fatigue and help maintain the overall health of your eyes.
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