Eye Glasses Lens Types

Because we insist on the best, your lenses are also ZEISS branded, the world leader in optical technology.

Internal Freeform Lenses

Our lenses are 100% Internal Freeform for sharper and more focused vision. Internal Freeform is the latest frontier in lens technology, lending itself to a more natural, comfortable and truly personalized view. We think you’ll love the difference they make.

Our own Canadian manufacturing facility located in Delta, BC will craft your perfect pair to ensure they exceed every expectation you have.

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Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses are prescribed if you have trouble seeing objects at one distance—either up close or far away. Our single vision lenses are perfect for nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) with Internal Freeform technology that will have you seeing more clearly at any distance.
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Progressive Lenses

If you have trouble seeing both near and far distances, progressive lenses offer the ideal solution. Unlike older bifocals and multifocals, progressives from FYidoctors gradually adjust to varying distances without having visible lines on the surface of the lens. The result is a seamless vision experience that lets you see objects clearly up close and far away.
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Specialty Lenses

Spending a large part of your day on a computer or digital device or completing tedious, detailed tasks that can strain your eyes may lead to serious long-term vision problems. Eye strain can result in headaches, blurred vision and other serious eye conditions. FYidoctors offers specialty lenses that can reduce eye fatigue and help maintain the overall health of your eyes.
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