Progressive Lenses

In the past, those that experienced difficulty seeing objects both up close and far away relied on clunky bifocals that were visually unappealing and awkward to wear.

Our advanced technology has solved these problems. Our progressive lenses can go anywhere with ease, automatically adjusting to different distances without distracting visible lines or clunky designs. They can help if you suffer from:

  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia

Progressive Lens INDEX Options:

HOYA Advanced Technology

FYidoctors' progressive lenses use HOYA technology for the most advanced, least intrusive progressive lens available. HOYA lenses feature cutting-edge technologies including:

progressive lens large field icon

Internal Freeform:

Individually customized for your eyes, Internal Freeform technology allows for sharper and more focused vision in a natural and comfortable way.

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Dual Surface:

By splitting the progressive components of the lens between the front and back surfaces, HOYA lenses maximize the field of view and minimize distortion, while reducing the need to move your eye back and forth to see at different distances.

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70% of progressive lens wearers have different prescriptions in each eye. Fusion technology synthesizes these differences and tailors the lenses to each user, maximizing comfort and vision.

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Combining Dual Surface and Fusion technologies results into a revolutionary progressive lens. DUO-FORM™ gives wearers the ability to seamlessly transition between near and far vision in a comfortable and completely customizable way.

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See What Progressive Lenses Can Do for You

FYidoctors offers a variety of progressive lenses for any need or budget, using industry-leading HOYA technology to ensure you get the ideal lens for your eyes.