Enjoy Screen Time with Eye-Smart Solutions

Understanding the benefits of

Blue Light Protection

Reduced Glare and Irritation

Get clearer vision and improved focus for a better digital experience

Fight Digital Fatigue

Reduce eye fatigue, unnecessary eye strain and headaches

Better Sleep

Blue light lenses filter out evening screen light, improving sleep and circadian rhythm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about why blue light lenses benefit you

1. How do blue light glasses work

2. What is blue light

3. Can blue light damage your eyes?

4. How blue light affects sleep

5. Why blue light is bad

Eye Care At Every Age

Blue light protection is important for teens and children due to their increased exposure to electronic devices. As youngsters spend more time engaging with digital screens for learning, socializing, and entertainment, they become more affected by the negative effects of blue light. Extended exposure to blue light can lead to eye fatigue, strain, and potential long-term consequences for eye health. Using utilizing blue light protection, such as glasses may minimize the strain on their eyes and reduce the risk of developing eye-related issues.

Furthermore, blue light exposure in the evening can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle of children and teens. The suppression of melatonin production caused by blue light can lead to difficulties falling asleep and achieving restful sleep. Adequate sleep is vital for the overall well-being and development of young individuals, including their cognitive function, mood regulation, and physical health.

Glasses With Added Blue Light Protection

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