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Specialty lenses

We demand a lot from our eyes and those demands can call for different lenses. Specialty lenses are the perfect solution when your single-vision or progressives aren’t right for the task at hand, like office work. We use industry-leading technology to customize your valid progressives prescription to office lenses that meet your occupational and lifestyle needs.

What are office lenses? 

Office lenses help you see more in different work environments —whether that’s in the office, workshop or hair salon. These lenses are adapted from your progressive prescription to provide you with specialized vision corrections for near and intermediate vision; like reading up close and computer work.  

We have different office lenses depending on your needs.
Office lenses do the following:  

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Correction for many distances

Provide clear vision at reading and intermediate distance. 

Comfortable vision

Reduces digital eye strain and fatigue. 

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Meeting you where you work

Customized for exactly how and where you work. 

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Optimized for screen use

Provide much wider, usable viewing areas for computer work, which is great if you need multiple screens or review large spreadsheets and documents so you can read or scan much faster. 

Great second pair or compliment
to your progressives

 Specifically designed for office work, these specialized lenses help you hone in on the fine details of your presentation, client emails and contracts.

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Viewing distances 3 to 10 feet. Ideal for televsion, presentations or
tasks around the house 

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Viewing distances 2 to 3 feet. Great for computer, gaming and

tasks at arm's length

Illustration of a person reading a book with laptop and book icons above.


Viewing distance less than 2 feet. Good for writing, using your phone and up-close computer work

The FYi Difference

The FYi Difference

Lenses made in Canada

Doctor-recommended lenses for your unique vision needs 

Customized lenses adapted to lifestyle and prescription needs

High quality control for lenses that meet our standards 

Precise digital measurements tailor eyewear to your face, posture and prescription 

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