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Progressive Lenses From FYidoctors

Progressives are perfect if you need distance and small print correction.

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What are progressive lenses?

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Progressives are great if you need more than one vision correction. If you struggle to read a menu and see your dinner guest, then a progressive lens lets you do both without switching between different pairs of glasses. You get 3 distance corrections in one multitasking lens: reading at the bottom, intermediate in the middle and distance at the top.

Why do I need progressives?

Maturing eyes

As we age, our eyes begin to change, and the eye lens is not as elastic as it

once was. Making it difficult to see at varying distances.


Causes blurring of near vision, which can be very frustrating and makes the most common task a nuisance. Progressive lenses give you reading and distance correction.

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3 prescriptions in 1 lens

Clear vision at all distances without switching glasses. This allows you to multitask, between looking at your phone, reading a recipe and

driving a car.

3 vision corrections in 1 lens

The top portion of the lens to see distant objects, the middle to focus on intermediate objects and the bottom to see objects close-up.

Woman in a patterned shirt and glasses reading a book in a brown leather chair.

Great for reading your phone,
a book or menu

Great for reading your phone,
a book or menu

Smiling woman with glasses driving a car.

Great for driving or watching tv

Great for driving or watching tv

Woman in orange blazer typing on laptop at wooden table with banana and water glass.

Great for anything at arm's length,

like cooking and shopping

Great for anything at arm's length, like cooking and shopping

Progressive lenses from FYidoctors 

FYidoctors has six different Progressive lenses to choose from; each offers different levels of optical performance depending on your needs and budget. 

Not all lenses are the same. Our lenses feature Freeform and Dual Freeform technology – the most advanced technology in the marketplace today. Both technologies ensure sharper and crisper vision across the entirety of the lens. Think what HD TVs did for home entertainment. 

Graphic showing clear vision represented by a pristine landscape within eyeglasses, captioned 'Good field of vision'.

The FYi Difference

The FYi Difference

Lenses made in Canada

Doctor-recommended lenses for your unique vision needs 

Customized lenses adapted to lifestyle and prescription needs

High quality control for lenses that meet our standards 

Precise digital measurements tailor eyewear to your face, posture and prescription 

Over 350 clinics across Canada

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