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Trouver les verres parfaits

At FYidoctors we have many lenses made with special technology called Internal Freeform. Our 3D imaging software scans your eyes and puts your unique focal points onto your glasses for clearer vision.

Find Your Perfect Eyeglass Lenses

We also offer a variety of other lens types, including high-index, anti-reflective, progressives, photochromic, computer lenses and more glasses for face shape.

Learn more about the importance of choosing the right eyeglass lenses and the options available to you.

Blue Light Lens Coating

People are spending increasing amounts of time in front of screens or staring at digital devices. This prolonged and repeated exposure to damaging blue-violet rays is causing people of all ages to experience eye strain and fatigue that can lead to headaches, trouble sleeping, dry eyes, and other symptoms.

Our blue light lens solution redirects potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) light being emitted by digital sources like tablets, phones, televisions, and more. While blue light glasses have become readily available, our High Def Blue Anti-reflective coating includes all the additional benefits of our High Def Plus coating and can be applied to lenses customized for you. Enjoy a coating that’s anti-fog, anti-reflective and anti-static while also being highly scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Blue Light Lens Coating & Video Games

FYidoctors' Blue Lens Coating offers a fantastic solution for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience and protect their eyes. This specialized coating is not only designed to filter out harmful blue-violet light emitted by screens but also provides additional benefits specifically tailored for gaming.

Playing video games for a long time can make your eyes tired and uncomfortable. FYidoctors' Blue Lens Coating helps with this by blocking harmful blue-violet rays from the screen.This coating reduces blue light. It lessens eye strain and fatigue. It makes it more comfortable for gamers to play for longer periods.

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