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We offer a wide range of lenses that are created using an exclusive technology known as Internal Freeform. Our 3D digital imaging software scans your eyes and fuses your unique focal points onto your eyeglass lenses for sharper and more focused vision.

Find Your Perfect Eyeglass Lenses

We also offer a variety of other lens types, including high-index, anti-reflective, progressives, photochromic, computer lenses and more.

Learn more about the importance of choosing the right eyeglass lenses and the options available to you.

Blue Light Lens Coating

People are spending increasing amounts of time in front of screens or staring at digital devices. This prolonged and repeated exposure to damaging blue-violet rays is causing people of all ages to experience eye strain and fatigue that can lead to headaches, trouble sleeping, dry eyes, and other symptoms.

Our blue light lens solution redirects potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) light being emitted by digital sources like tablets, phones, televisions, and more. While blue light glasses have become readily available, our High Def Blue Anti-reflective coating includes all the additional benefits of our High Def Plus coating and can be applied to lenses customized for you. Enjoy a coating that’s anti-fog, anti-reflective and anti-static while also being highly scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Blue Light Lens Coating & Video Games

FYidoctors' Blue Lens Coating offers a fantastic solution for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience and protect their eyes. This specialized coating is not only designed to filter out harmful blue-violet light emitted by screens but also provides additional benefits specifically tailored for gaming. When playing video games, prolonged exposure to screens can lead to eye strain, fatigue, and discomfort. FYidoctors' Blue Lens Coating helps address these issues by redirecting and filtering out the potentially damaging blue-violet rays. By reducing the amount of blue light reaching the eyes, this coating helps minimize eye strain and fatigue, allowing gamers to play for extended periods with greater comfort.

Computer Lenses

Many of us spend a significant amount of time each day staring at a computer or digital device screen. Glare and pixilation from your screen can result in eyestrain, headaches, and even more serious vision problems.

Most progressives and bifocals aren't designed for use in front of a computer or digital device. You’re forced to tilt your head lower to be able to see the screen effectively resulting in neck, shoulder and back pain.

We offer computer and digital device lenses uniquely designed for working in front of a screen for prolonged periods. These lenses reduce glare and allow you to focus and work more comfortably.

High-Index Glasses

High-index lenses are the perfect choice if you're looking for thinner, lighter lenses and eyeglasses. These lenses are particularly great if you have a strong eyeglass prescription.

Most people who need eyeglasses require lenses that are thin in the center but thicker at the edge of the lens. The stronger the prescription, the thicker the edges.

High-index lenses, however, are thinner and lighter than traditional lenses, using materials that allow them to bend light more efficiently and allowing you to see clearly without having to deal with a thick and unattractive eyeglass design.

Most high-index lenses also have what's known as an "aspheric design", which means they appear slimmer, creating a more attractive profile and reducing the magnified "bug-eye" look that sometimes comes with wearing conventional lenses.

We have a range of high-index lenses available that will have you looking and seeing great.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Current technologies now allow optometrists to create thinner and more lightweight lenses than ever before. The drawback, however, is that there may be more glare and reflection on your lenses.

We offer lenses with an anti-reflective coating that can eliminate reflections on the front and back surface of your glasses. You'll be able to see more clearly without being distracted by reflected light bouncing off nearby surfaces.

An anti-reflective coating is also great for night driving. They prevent oncoming car headlights from being reflected through your lenses that—blinding you and leading to accidents.

An anti-reflective coating on your lenses also means you'll be able to work more effectively in front of computers where glare and reflection are common.

Internal Freeform Lenses

We exclusively offer Internal Freeform Lenses. Created using 3D digital imaging software, we scan your eyes and then fuse the unique focal points of your vision onto the back of each Internal Freeform lens. The result is a truly customized eyewear experience offering a wider field of view, less distortion and overall clearer vision. Our patients who have made the switch from traditional lenses to Internal Freeform lenses say it's like switching from regular TV to HDTV.

Our Internal Freeform Lenses can be used for single vision and progressive lens types.

h2Progressive Sunglasses

If you have trouble seeing both near and far distances, progressive lenses offer an ideal solution. Unlike older bifocals and multifocals, our progressives automatically adjust to distances without having visible and visually unappealing lines on the surface of the lens. The result is a seamless vision experience.

Progressive lenses also require less time to transition between near and far objects, so you can focus more quickly with less eyestrain.

Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory—they let you enjoy the outdoors, play sports and drive safely while protecting your eyes from potentially harmful UV rays. Many optometrists recommend wearing prescription sunglasses all year long.

We have a huge selection of prescription sunglasses to suit any style, budget and vision issue. We also feature a variety of popular sunglass brands, including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Adidas, Rudy Project and more.

pOur prescription sunglasses are made using 100% Internal Freeform lenses which are created using 3D digital software to map the unique characteristics of your eyes directly to the lenses. They deliver a unique and customized vision experience. Most of our optical frames can have your prescription sunglass lenses added to them so that you can create custom sunglasses that look and fit just the way you want.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are the perfect option for your prescription sunglasses. They reduce glare from a variety of surfaces such as light reflecting off the road or water. They are ideal lenses ideal for boating, biking, golfing, skiing and other popular outdoor activities.

Polarized lenses are great for driving and can help reduce the glare from long, flat surfaces such as the hood of your car or the surface of the road. They can also be worn indoors by individuals who have light sensitivity and patients who've recently had cataract surgery and can't be exposed to intense light sources.

These unique lenses work because reflected light moves horizontally to create annoying and sometime even dangerous light waves that appear on surfaces as glare. Polarized lenses are designed to block and limit these horizontal light waves to reduce the glare that you're likely to encounter.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses (also known as "transitions" or "variable tint lenses") darken when exposed to direct sunlight then fade back to clear when you return indoors. The molecules inside of photochromic lenses are designed to be activated by UV light. The more light they're exposed to, the darker they'll become. That means they'll automatically adjust to specific light levels both indoors and outdoors. Photochromic lenses also shield your eyes from damaging UVA and UVB rays.

The result is a single pair of eyewear that function as both eyeglasses and sunglasses—offering the best of both worlds. Photochromic lenses are available in a variety of styles, including high-index lenses, bifocals, progressive lenses and Internal Freeform lenses.

As there are many types of lenses, there are also multiple price points that come along with it? As well, the cost of prescription lenses can vary slightly depending on the province you are purchasing them from. Learn more about the cost of prescription lenses across provinces and how a private healthcare plan can help to offset them here.

Try a pair of blue light filtering lenses for healthier, more enjoyable and relaxing screen time.