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Kick Start Your Day with this Vitamin-Rich Smoothie

When we think of vitamin C, many of us are quick to assume that oranges are the best source. While they do contain vitamin C, many other fruits and vegetables actually contain as much or even more. Kale, for example, has 120mg of vitamin C per 100g compared to oranges which have 53mg per 100g. Ensuring you’re consuming enough vitamin C every day is a delightful way to help prevent the risk of age-related macular degeneration (in other words, vision loss). In honour of Vitamin C Day, we wanted to share a recipe for a delicious kale smoothie. Start your day with this healthy blend to give you an extra boost of energy!

Here's what you'll need

A handful of kale
A cup of pineapple
A few florets of cauliflower
Half an apple
A tiny amount of ginger
A cup of water

All you need to do is blend it until the mixture is smooth, then enjoy!

How to prepare the smoothie!




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