Community Support

Giving back to Canadians across the country

As Canadians, it’s ingrained in us to help others, whether in our own community or thousands of kilometres away. We’re excited to share that we’ve recently updated the focus of our philanthropic efforts so that we can support an even wider array of charitable organizations that enhance lives from coast to coast. Through our community support, FYidoctors | Visique is able to share our resources with those in need, offering prosperity as a means of helping our neighbours, from throughout Canada, reach their fullest potential. We also remain passionately committed to our growing Better Sight. Better Grades. program, which works to ensure children have access to proper eyecare and eyewear. We consider ourselves fortunate to serve so many great Canadian communities, and we want to do our part and contribute to their growth and success.

There’s no better feeling than making a profound difference in someone’s life

Our FYidoctors | Visique Enhancing Life Foundation helps Canadian charities build stronger communities and happier families, so that more people can see a brighter future. Investing in the strength and happiness of residents in our communities is a worthy cause that aims to give them the necessary resources to flourish. When this special kind of assistance is bestowed on members of our neighbourhoods, we heighten our sense of community and offer those closest to us an equal opportunity to succeed.

This act of kindness raises both awareness and contributions to an essential cause, leading to a foundation on which we can build equal levels of comfort and assurance for all. By providing community support, together we can make a profound difference in the lives of more Canadians. Find out how you can get involved.


Equipping kids for the best chance at success

Did you know that 60% of children labeled with learning issues have vision problems. When eyesight is affected, there can be a multitude of ongoing repercussions that impact many aspects of our little one’s life. However, the good news is that they can be treated or avoided. The goal of Better Sight. Better Grades. is to provide accessible eye care to every child through comprehensive eye exams and corrective eye wear, so that all kids can perform to their fullest potential. These routine pediatric eyesight tests afford families the ability to overcome preventable obstacles by proactively examining their child’s physical health.

As children are instilled with the sense of self-confidence that results from healthy vision, they are equipped with the tools to perform at their best, both academically and personally. Whether in the classroom, in a game, or at a recital, the benefits of being able to see clearly extends through all areas of a child’s life. Fortunately, Better Sight. Better Grades. improves the well-being of many school children by enlisting the aid of the generosity from those who care. Discover more about this impactful program and how you can become an integral part of its success.