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DUO-FORM™ Premium Progressive Eyeglass Lenses

Welcome to a new era in eyewear. The DUO-FORM™ has changed the way we see not only lens technology, but life itself. These revolutionary progressive lenses are helping patients see their world at every distance with completely natural, comfortable and customized vision.

Change the way you see the world

Stable view

  • Less swim and sway when moving between distances
  • Excellent depth of vision and sense of security when moving around

View expansion

  • Greater field of vision than any other progressive lens
  • Both the front and back sides of the lens are personalized based on as worn measurements to ensure that your viewing experience is optimized and comfortable.

Auto adjust

  • Reduced light dispersion enables effortless focusing from near to far
  • Eyes work together for optimal binocular vision and increase overall comfort

What are progressive lenses?

Many people who have trouble seeing both near and far objects opt for progressive lenses, which offer far more natural vision than older bifocal and multifocal lenses. Progressives allow your eyes to move seamlessly between distances without lengthy adjustment periods. They are an ideal solution for those suffering from:

  • Presbyopia


How it works

The upper section of the lens provides the strength, or power, to see distant objects while the lower section does so for nearby objects. The middle section, or corridor, helps you see objects at an intermediate distance with a smooth, natural transition in-between.


See life at its best

Every eye is unique, just like a fingerprint, and should be treated as such. Each DUO-FORM™ lens is customized to your specific vision needs thanks to recent ground-breaking innovations in technology. These features are vastly enhancing the way our patients see the world:

Dual Surface Design
    The DUO-FORM™ lens is customized on both the front and back side, a patented design that ensures more usable light reaches the eye. The result is vastly decreased peripheral distortion and a more natural, comfortable transition between distances.
      Fusion Technology
        Although 73% of people with presbyopia have different prescriptions for the left and right eye, progressive lenses do not accommodate each eye’s specific vision needs—until now. Cutting-edge fusion technology, exclusive to DUO-FORM™ lenses, considers your left and right prescriptions independently. The lenses customize the corridor length and progressive power distribution according to your needs for enhanced depth perception and optimal binocular vision.
          Lifestyle Designs
          DUO-FORM™ lenses are not only customized to your eyes, but to your unique lifestyle and frame choices as well. FYidoctors offer 3 easy-to-select options guaranteed to help you enjoy the things you love to the very fullest.


            • Best option if you prefer only one pair of general-purpose lenses
            • Evenly balanced between distance, intermediate and near vision


            • Ideal for outdoor sports, activities and professions
            • Preferred by active and dynamic wearers
            • Optimized for distance viewing


            • Optimal for detail-oriented professions such as IT workers, mechanics and accountants
            • Perfect vision for hobbies, reading, puzzles and crafts
            • Optimized for near and intermediate viewing