Polarized Lenses and Their Benefits
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Polarized Lenses and Their Benefits

Now that spring has arrived, it’s the perfect time to consider updating your eyes’ sun protection. Outdoor activities and fun in the sun top our agendas as warmer weather welcomes us back outside. Consider opting for a pair of polarized lenses to prevent damage to your vision and alleviate those annoying instances of bright glare.

Polarized and unpolarized light

Unpolarized light exists all around us, which can originate from the sun, a light bulb, or even a flame. These light sources emit vibrations or waves that move in all directions. When the direction of these vibrating light waves is altered, such as by hitting a smooth surface and reflecting, the light becomes partially polarized. This is also known as glare and is caused by too many waves of light becoming partially polarized and angled horizontally toward our eyes.

Excessive amounts of partially polarized light can be harmful to your vision. Over-exposure to bright light and glare can cause squinting, eye fatigue, and even temporary blindness in extreme cases. You will know your eyes are being impacted when you are outside in a bright environment and find yourself shielding your eyes from a flash of glaring light.