A lady undergoing an eye exam with the aid of eye technology assisted by an optician
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Eye Exam

With FYidoctors you’re in great hands. Through our eye exams, you can expect to learn more about:

Visual Acuity and Optics

Your FYidoctors optometrist will begin by assessing your current vision, and utilize a combination of techniques to ensure that your vision is optimized for specific activities tailored to your lifestyle. They will discuss different options to ensure that you have the correct tools to address your visual concerns.

Eye Coordination and Visual Perception

When you have two eyes, teamwork is important. Your doctor will examine how well your eyes work together and how they process visual information such as objects, shapes, colours and depth.

Overall Ocular Health

Many eye conditions have no symptoms until later stages, and by then it may be too late to reverse development. With a full view of your eye health, your doctor can detect problems earlier. We think your vision deserves every ounce of prevention.

Your FYidoctors optometrist will combine direct viewing of the different layers of your eyes with the addition ultra wide field imaging and OCT scanning. Your whole eye, from the cornea at the front, to the retina at the back, will be examined to detect any problems that may be arising so that your doctor can treat any issue before it results in a loss of vision.