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The Importance of Eye Exams As We Age

As we’ve all learned lately, our health is paramount—and eye health is no exception. That’s why having a yearly eye examination is critical, especially for adults over age 65, whose vision is more prone to complications and changes. This Healthy Aging Month, we’re focusing on the importance of regular checkups, especially as we head into the golden years.


There are countless reasons why annual eye exams are essential, as they can help detect—and mitigate —serious health conditions. In fact, eye exams are not only critical for diagnosing eye diseases, but they can also reveal general health issues, too, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


A complete eye exam delves into both the internal and external health of your eyes and is facilitated by a doctor. Unlike a simple vision screening, an eye exam involves a series of complex tests, including an eye muscle movement test; a cover test, which reveals how well your eyes work together; an external exam and pupil reaction test; a visual acuity test; a refraction test to fine-tune the prescription; and a retinal examination, among other important evaluations, depending one one’s individual concerns.

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