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The ins and outs of lens coatings, and why they matter

It turns out, every pair of glasses needs protective layers just as much as we do to stay shielded from the elements. There are countless reasons why you should ensure your glasses have a protective coating, including that it offers anti-reflection benefits to protect your eyes, protection from scuffs, and prevent your glasses from having scratched lenses. In short, having a coating on your lenses will make your glasses work better—and last longer. In our eyes, lens coatings are key.

At FYidoctors, we pride ourselves on ensuring our coatings are truly the best in class. We have invested in high-quality equipment and partnerships to guarantee that our lens coatings surpass industry standards and enhance our customers’ lifestyles. Our long-standing partnership with Satisloh, an industry leader in ophthalmic lens manufacturing, has allowed FYidoctors to source the best coating inputs on the market. Plus, our coatings are made at our Delta Ophthalmic Lab—right here at home, in Canada.

How lens coating works

Lens coating is a scientific process that involves three critical layers: the Hard Coat (which is dipped or spun), the Anti-Reflective (AR) Stack, and the Topcoat. These three steps work in tandem to produce the highest quality coating possible. Together, the three layers repel water, diminish glare, stave off static and debris, prevent scratches and promote easy cleaning. Need we say more?

 Whether you are dependent on glasses to see every day or wear them sometimes, having a lens coating will give your glasses a longer lifespan and improve their performance.

Coatings we offer

At FYidoctors, iGuard is the name of our hard coat, it is a scratch-resistant coating and bolsters durability. We use a dipping process that ensures the coating is smoothly and evenly applied to the surface of the lens.

Our AR coat, meanwhile, mitigates or reduces glare, while simultaneously improving the cosmetic appearance of the lenses. Uncoated lenses are often associated with “ghost” images, which occur when light that hits the lens is reflected off the surface, creating blotchy, ghost-like images. Our AR coat prevents that unsettling glare-related issue from happening, while also enhancing light transmission through the lenses to help you see better when driving at night.

FYidoctors’ High Def Plus Anti-Reflective Coating is our top coating and serves as an excellent water and oil repellent. It also contains properties that dispel dust, dirt and static, making it much easier to maintain the lenses and keep them clean over time.

If you want a more advanced coat, try FYidoctors' High Def Blue Coatings. Prevent fatigue and eye strain from using devices for extended periods of time. While there are countless options for blue light blocking lenses on the market, they are not all made with equal consideration and care.

Why lens coating is important

As previously mentioned, lens coating offers an array of benefits that any glasses-wearer should care about. Lenses can be costly, and ensuring they are well-protected will not only make them work better, but it will also make them last considerably longer. Coating makes lenses more durable, and less vulnerable to everyday wear and tear. In addition, the AR coating on the glasses will help you to see better while wearing them.

Based on a thorough analysis of the overall performance of our coatings, FYidoctors' coatings are a cut above industry standards. They effectively serve their purpose to make lenses more user-friendly and pleasant to wear, thereby enhancing our customers’ everyday lifestyles.

As technology advances in the future, lens coatings will become increasingly nuanced. FYidoctors will continue to collaborate with its industry partners to ensure we are always offering the highest quality lens coating varieties on the market.

Do not overlook the countless benefits of lens coatings. Book a comprehensive eye exam at an FYidoctors clinic near you and talk to your doctor about the optimal coating option to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

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